Campus Leeuwarden

Great facilities at a beautiful location!

Our location in Leeuwarden has everything you need. For example, it has an extensive library, several laboratories, technology halls, greenhouses on the roof, an animal shelter and a Grand Café to relax every now and then.

All students will receive a personal e-mail address with which they can log on to one of the many computers inside the building to check study results, schedule changes and other current affairs. Refreshments are available via Cormet Campus Catering.

The school building in Leeuwarden was designed by Atelier PRO, an architectural firm based in The Hague, and was built with high-quality natural materials. The in-house water purification system and the greenhouses on the roof are striking features of the building. The spacious (practice) areas and the substantial amount of natural light make for pleasant study and work conditions in Leeuwarden.

The VHL building is a nine-minute walk from Leeuwarden central station.


The library of Van Hall Larenstein is an inspiring and inviting learning environment where you will find up-to-date and education-related information, in any form (digital and physical). The library is used intensively as a meeting place, study area, lounge area and consultation area. The staff is happy to help you find, process and share information.

Zero waste

As the most sustainable University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, our aim is to minimise waste production where possible and put any waste streams to good use. And we are already doing well! Figures show that the amount of residual waste in Leeuwarden has decreased by around 50% since 2015.

Dairy Campus

Dairy Campus is a centre of innovation and knowledge for the Dutch dairy farming industry. We develop applicable knowledge on the Dairy Campus that contributes to a future in which we can produce safe and healthy milk in sufficient quantities, with respect for humans, animals and the environment. This knowledge centre is located on the outskirts of Leeuwarden. VHL is one of the knowledge partners of the campus. Here, you can put what you have learned directly into practice. On the Dairy Campus, there is plenty to discover. It provides a unique addition to your studies.