Practical information

Education format and location

The River Delta Development Master’s programme is a full-time English-taught Master’s programme. The education location of the programme varies. During the first half year (30 EC), you will study at HZ in Middelburg, the second half year will be spent at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) in Velp, and the fourth half year will be completed at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. A week of instruction consists of a lecture day at the relevant education location and four project days at one of the Living Labs. Depending on your preference, the location of the Living Labs may vary. You can spend up to one semester conducting research in a Living Lab abroad.


If desired, the universities of applied sciences will assist you in arranging on-site housing. This may be done by providing the housing itself or by helping you get in touch with parties that can provide housing.

How can I find a room in Middelburg?

Villex will be able to help you. Accommodation varies from rooms in student houses to studio apartments and apartments ranging in size from small to large, furnished or unfurnished, single units (where you live by yourself) or apartments that you share with others. Room prices range from €220 to €600 (for a house). Most rooms are located in the city centre or near the city centre. Please let Villex know you’ve enrolled for the master’s programme River Delta Development.

How can I find a room in Velp?

VHL has made agreements with a number of local lessors about furnished rooms in student houses in Velp and Arnhem. With this arrangement, you will have your own room and share the bathroom, kitchen and washing machine with other (international) students. These furnished rooms cost €380-€450 a month. Do you wish to use this facility? Then send an e-mail to [email protected] and indicate that you have registered for the River Delta Development master.
Would you prefer to search a room yourself? Then take a look at the Arnhem Studiestad website, where the organisations that rent out rooms in Arnhem and Velp are listed in transparent entries.

How can I find a room in Rotterdam?

Finding accommodation in Rotterdam is usually easier than in other Dutch cities with a large student population. You do however need to start your search early! Be smart and try to arrange housing as soon as your application has been accepted. Prices start at around €300 per calendar month, but vary significantly depending on size, location, housing preferences, etc. Rotterdam is surrounded by several smaller towns and cities which can offer an excellent alternative. All these places are well connected to Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences by public transport.

Check the housing website of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) for all possibilities for (international) students, such as short stay accommodation (SSH) and alternate options for housing.


European (EEA) students, who have never earned a Dutch Master’s diploma pay the statutory tuition fee for participation in the River Delta Development Master’s programme. This has been set at €2,209 per year for the 2022-2023 academic year. You will also pay the statutory tuition fee for the second year of the degree programme, but you can receive half of that amount back provided you complete the programme within the specified programme duration (2.0 years).

Non-EEA students or students who have completed a Master’s programme in the Netherlands pay the institutional tuition fee. For the River Delta Development Master’s programme, this amount has been set at €8,100 (for 1 year) for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Additional costs

There are no extra costs related to books/readers. We do organize excursions, and you may wish to purchase additional class materials or participate in extra-curricular events. These costs usually amount to roughly € 200 in total. 

Your own laptop

The Universities of Applied Sciences have study spaces available, but not all of them are equipped with computers. We recommend and encourage you to bring your own laptop/mobile device. The River Delta Development department recommends you to purchase a laptop if you do not yet have one. Please contact your lecturer for advice if you are considering purchasing a laptop.

Student grant and loans or Lifelong Learning credit

If you qualify for standard student funding (loans, supplementary grants, and/or student travel passes), you can request these from DUO.

If you are no longer eligible for student funding, then you can still utilise the Lifelong Learning Credit to borrow money to pay the tuition fee. You can request the Lifelong Learning Credit for the duration of the degree programme in which you are participating.

Are you paying the statutory tuition fee for your degree programme? If so, that is the amount that you can borrow each year. Are you paying the institutional tuition fee? If so, then you can borrow the amount of the statutory tuition fee up to five times per year. In the latter case, you have to provide a statement from the educational institution along with your request for the Lifelong Learning Credit, which indicates the amount of the institutional tuition fee.

The Lifelong Learning Credit can be requested from DUO. You can request that the tuition fee/course fee statement (the statement that you need if you have to pay the institutional tuition fee) be filled in and signed by the HZ student office by e-mailing [email protected].

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