‘IDCM holistically explores harnessing the potential of the Dairy Value Chain as a major player in feeding and employing the world’

Deo Wonekha, alumnus IDCM MSc, tells about the master Innovative Dairy Chain Management. 

'I needed a new experience, a new challenge to broaden my thinking and creativity'

"The program was tight, each day counted to make a difference. Individual and group assignments were made available. This made me step out of my comfort zone and change my method of working with others and independently in preparing for presentations. The period for doing the course was timely for me because I needed a new experience, a new challenge to broaden my thinking and creativity. I am going back to the professional field as a facilitator of change, with a different mindset in providing solutions not only in the dairy value chain but also in management while working with different people."
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'This approach to learning promotes discussion and debate while also allowing you to understand other people’s opinions'

"IDCM is a course that challenges you to think different, with a heavy focus on how to promote change within the dairy chain. The programme also encourages you to ask why you are making the change. This added level of depth is what separates this course from others."
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