Forest Chains

Keeping up with international developments

Commodities produced in forested landscapes such as timber, palm-oil, shea-butter, cocoa and coffee go through a complex series of stakeholders and channels before making their way to domestic and international markets. Stakeholders within these forest commodity chains have to work with ever-changing consumer demands, market and certification regulations, technological advancements, and an increasing number of national and international laws and regulations.

Forest Chain Management specialists are trained in the competences needed to analyse the different stages from harvest via processing to consumption from different angles. They become competent in developing sustainable innovations from forest to floor or from bean to bar. They will thus strengthen their ability to manage, facilitate and innovate these forest value chains.

Study programme

The study programme is targeting mid-career forest professionals, whether working for a private company or as consultant, in the public- or NGO-sector. The study approaches forest value chain development from different perspectives of sustainability, business economics, logistics, quality management, certification, marketing, information flows and international trends.