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One-year Master programme

This one-year Master programme consists of a nine-month taught programme and a three-month thesis research project. It involves a series of modules that develop competences, including disciplinary knowledge and expertise and professional skills and attitude.

The programme comprises three phases:

  1. analysis of value chains
  2. development of value chains
  3. integrated management of value chains.

In addition, each specialisation offers courses focusing on the various aspects of value chain development, quality management and business environment of either horticulture or livestock chains. The final module is dedicated to a thesis research project, in which students select a commissioner and a particular aspect of a production chain to research.


In line with the competence-based learning philosophy of Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, this professional Master programme and specialisations ensure that as a graduate, you will be competent:

  • to analyse the sustainability and resilience of value chains, stakeholders and production systems
  • to initiate and manage innovative chain processes and projects
  • to design a business plan or new business models for business service entrepreneurs or chain actors
  • to conduct applied research contributing towards an efficient and resilient value chain development
  • to build sustainable relations with chain stakeholders
  • to communicate global value chain developments in a multicultural setting to specialists and non-specialists
  • to apply and reflect on a professional attitude in a changing international business environment


The programme consists of the following modules:

  • Value Chain Analysis and Development
  • Value Chain Governance
  • Applied Research design
  • Applied Research project 

The study load per module is expressed in European Credits (EC). The total programme accounts for 60 EC.

Example programme structure

Module Topic and activities Products
1 Value Chain analysis & development Value Chain analysis report, organisation analysis and reflection paper
2 Value Chain Governance Project proposal, quality manual, auditing skills
3 Applied Research design Survey, Rapid Appraisal, thesis research proposal
4 Applied Research project Thesis report: field research, commissioner-based assignment