Career opportunities


The Agricultural Production Chain Management specialist is a professional who is trained to anticipate changes in demand and policies on local, national and international levels, enhancing their ability to manage, coordinate and innovate within their organisation or throughout the chain. They are competent of facilitating multi-stakeholder processes with an interdisciplinary focus and a pro-active entrepreneurial attitude on sustainable and inclusive value chain development by empowering stakeholders in creating shared value, quality improvement and certification, organisational change and social impact.

Two job profiles

This programme prepares graduates for two distinct job profiles, working either within the agricultural production chain or outside.

He/she may find themselves working as a specialist for a private commercial company within a particular agricultural production chain, tasked to enhance chain governance by increasing logistic efficiency, providing information, controlling internal quality and food safety, reducing production costs, as well as managing chain innovations and/or chain differentiations.

He/she may find themselves working as a specialist in the public sector, for a national, regional or district governmental agency or for a non-governmental organisation serving a private organisation or company within the agricultural production chain. He/she facilitates the connection between actors and supporters within the network of the chain  in order to link to markets, finance and extension, create quality systems or enable sustainable innovations and business development.

They will contribute to the sustainable development goals of food security and responsible production through an integrated chain approach that considers shared value creation.

Potential professions

  • Chain facilitator
  • Chain manager
  • Value Chain Specialist
  • Value Chain Researcher
  • Project coordinator
  • Innovation manager
  • Transition manager
  • Policy maker
  • Auditor quality assurance
  • Trainer / instructor
  • Consultant