Career opportunities

Range of job options

With a Certificate in Sustainable Water Technology, you will have a range of job options to choose from. Our environmentally oriented courses are well known in the sector, which gives you an advantage in trade and industry. You know how to deal with water issues and approach them from different angles, and you can suggest sustainable solutions. You are able to communicate effectively in the water sector.

You might work as a researcher, policy maker or consultant at a 'waterschap' (water board), for a research organisation, or consultancy agency. Your knowledge also allows you to work internationally and come up with solutions for water issues in the field of technology, quality or management.

Over the last two years, we have had graduate students from China, Thailand, the USA, and of course countries within Europe. Most of the students went back to their country to tackle water issues there, or they started a Master at Wageningen University or TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).