Degree: Certificate
Location: Leeuwarden
Language: English
Tuition fee: € 8,900

Sustainable Water Technology

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Water technology: preventing disease and protecting nature

Healthy water is vital to people, animals and plants. In our Certificate of Sustainable Water Technology, you will look at the miracle called water from an environmental, social and technical point of view. You will learn how to produce clean healthy drinking water and how to purify wastewater. You will also explore the social aspects of water technology: you will learn about water policy, different water demands in different countries and how to deal with these technologically.

And of course you will learn to deal with water treatment from an economic point of view: you will learn how to calculate technology cost and investments. This is called the Triple P-approach: looking at solutions from a social (people), environmental (planet) and an economic (prosperity) point of view and finding the most favourable combination, and to communicate this effectively.

Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW)

Part of the programme can be an internship or research project at one of our centres of Expertise: Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW) or Centre in Bio Based Economy (CBBE). 

CEW is a unique collaboration between education- and research institutes, governments and enterprises with the aim to enhance knowledge of today's water technology. They deliver new solutions, business and an increasing number of well-educated top talent following the quantitatively and qualitatively human capital demand of employers in the water sector.

Students, professors and other professionals conduct research together with, or on behalf of companies, in advanced laboratories, application centres and at various pilot & demo sites. By conducting applied research and product development we accelerate innovation.