Content programme

The 1-year English-taught Food and Dairy Technology Certificate Programme combines modules from our NVAO-accredited Bachelor programmes with several specialist courses and projects.


Objectives of the programme include:

  • Hands on introduction in the production processes of dairy, meat and bakery products.
  • Designing a food production process while taking into account safety and quality control systems.
  • Designing and developing fermentation processes.
  • Determining the effects of different starter cultures and process environments on the quality and properties of fermented dairy products
  • The design, development and production of a new food product: from consumer and market orientation to production try-out.
  • Determining the effects of additives and production environment on the quality of dairy products in theory and practice.
  • Gaining extensive knowledge on dairy processes, milk components and their behaviour in dairy processes, dairy products and their properties, including the impact on human health.
  • Developing a design of an efficient and sustainable dairy process for a high quality and safe dairy product using computer simulation tools.
  • Preparing and writing advices for a real client from food industry.