International Business in Food and Flowers

International Food and Flowers professionals are known as traders with knowledge of the world of doing business in the food and flowers economic area and are, therefore, in high demand on the job market. Our graduates feel confident working in international environments as traders, commercial and marketing managers, import and export managers, or account and sales managers. A good starting position is to become a junior import-export manager for a company importing and exporting flowers to the Far East. You might also become an account manager at a food-processing company in Spain, or conduct market research for a soft drinks company in Eastern Europe. Investment analysis in New York or developing an import unit in Tokyo is within reach. Later in your career, you are likely to become a senior manager or use your knowledge and experience to set up your own company. You might become the owner-manager of a company exporting exotic fruits to Europe, or work as a senior advisor in the cut-flower sector. The world will be your workplace!

The Agribusiness sector supplies raw materials and other compounds for the Food, Flower and pharmaceutical industries. As a specialist in International Business in Food and Flowers, you are ready for staff, management and advisory positions in the networks and business of the different value chains and enterprises. Your unique selling point is the ability to have a role in both supply and demand chains all over the world. You have insights into the business process knowledge of food and flower products and into international markets. You can have a leading position in innovation. Graduates are prepared for work in a competitive environment within various cultural settings. After finishing their studies, most students work for an international company abroad or in the Netherlands. You may work in Asia, Brazil, Africa or North America, or you could be active in the Netherlands. You might become an international marketing manager, a project or financial consultant or sustainability manager for a seed business in Tanzania. An international manager or consultant in New York or Tokyo for a tropical fruit trade company could also be an option.