Content programme

Enter the international world of trading food and flowers

The world is your workplace! In this dynamic, fast-paced world, entrepreneurial spirit, professionalism and communication skills are a must. The Netherlands has an excellent reputation regarding the agricultural trade of food and flowers. Therefore, you specialize in a dynamic and innovative professional field during your BBA course at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL): International Business in Food and Flowers.

In order to be successful in the international trade of food and flowers, you need a comprehensive overview of the entire chain, from producer to consumer. You also need to know the network of suppliers, consultant and project organisations. These international cross-border businesses, chains, networks and organisations are asking for knowledge of business, logistics, trade, entrepreneurship, international marketing, financial management, innovation and socially responsible business. Are you interested in working in the exciting world of Food and Flowers? Then this professional field is the right choice for you!

In year two, you will do a work placement. In year three, you will spend several months on a practical placement in a food, feed and/or flower trade company of your choice. It is recommended that you do your placement outside the Netherlands. You might, for example, work as an assistant for an importer or exporter, a logistics or purchasing manager. For your thesis assignment, you will research market opportunities, market entry strategies, logistic optimisations and financial planning. One of the options could be that you focus on the development of your own business. Entrepreneurship is one of the key concepts of our BBA.

Example programme structure

Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
1 The International Business
of Food & Flowers
Sustainability &
Cross Border
Enterprise, Logistics & Finance
Food, Innovation &
2 Discovering International
International Trade &
Business Planning and Entrepreneurship
3 Business Development & Managing a company Internship or Minor
4 Internship or Minor Thesis Process
  International skills, leadership, languages, project management, change