Degree: Bachelor
Location: Leeuwarden
Duration: 4 years
Language: English
Tuition fee: EU € 2,209 a year or € 1,105 / non-EU € 9,270 a year

International Business (BBA)

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Your future in international business

Do you like to operate across borders? Are you entrepreneurial and do you love to work together with others to achieve goals? Then International Business for the Future might be the perfect choice for you. You must be aware that international trade is expanding across the world. At the same time the need to look after the future of the earth is becoming more evident. Companies are therefore facing a huge challenge. They need practical people who are capable and daring. Will you become the creative business professional that will help these companies innovate successfully?

Planet, People and Profit

The Netherlands are renowned for their expertise in export and international trade. For VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) international and futureproof entrepreneurship is an obvious combination. The strength of this study programme lies in problem solving. You will not only find smart solutions for one product, you also understand the bigger picture and coherence. This allows everybody to profit and enables your company to innovate in a sustainable way. So Planet, People and Profit. This is what makes International Business for the Future so different.

International Business at VHL distinguishes itself from other International Business programmes in three ways:
1: We see sustainable trade as an opportunity
2: We emphasise personal development and leadership 
3: We focus on the English language; it is not mandatory to learn another language 

You can read everything about the regulations and examinations in the  Education and Examination Regulations of International Business

international Business in 2 minutes

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