Degree: Bachelor
Location: Velp (Arnhem)
Duration: 4 years
Language: English (Velp)
Tuition fee: EU € 2,530 a year / non-EU € 8,295 a year

International Agribusiness and Trade (BBA)

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International Agribusiness and Trade

Would you like to know how you can best transport plants or chilled fresh fruit or how to market natural insulation materials? Perhaps you’d like to know how you can make the processing of herbs more sustainable? Whatever you choose, you will get to work on real life cases in this international business degree programme. Together with your international classmates, you will learn how to advise international agribusiness organisations to get products from across the whole world in the right place. 

Why International Agribusiness and Trade? 

  • The international approach of the degree programme will make you a coveted player on the international labour market. 
  • You will contribute to sustainably innovating the global food business. 
  • You will professionally accrue an international network by participating in internships, trade fairs and company visits. 
  • You will work on your skills through a good mix of theory, learning environments and practice. 

What you will learn
Reap the fruits of international food and agribusiness
You will get to know the various sectors within agribusiness in the first part of the degree programme. You will also learn how the chain of a particular product is designed. Examples include packaging, chilling and logistics as well as legislation and regulations for export, safety and quality. The courses on marketing, financing, managing product innovation, organising and reporting complete the degree programme and are focused on international trade. 

  • Get to know products from international agribusiness: fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants, wood, meat and fish, natural building materials, coffee and chocolate. 
  • Delve into the course of a food chain, from harvest to supermarket. 
  • Gain experience in all departments of a company, such as transport, marketing and finance. 
  • Research which marketing strategy works best for certain products. 
  • Envisage how you can innovate and then market a product. 

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After graduation 
Earn your daily bread thanks to the international trade degree programme 

Organisations from the entire international agribusiness sector will be queueing up for you! Large international importers are looking for graduates of food and business degree programmes who have knowledge of and an affinity for vulnerable agriproducts. Get to work as a team leader of logistics, marketing manager, customer relations manager or product specialist in a production hall. 

Even start-ups need broadly trained business experts. Rather establish your own start-up? That is also possible! 

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Admission & registration

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