Content programme

You will understand more about food through knowledge of chemistry and biology. You will focus on practical and specialist subjects, like health, product development, quality, research, food and consumer behaviour.

Your study career

In the first two years of the programme you will get to know the different aspects of the food and stimulant industry and the human body. You will develop basic skills for working in teams, entrepreneurship as well as presentation skills. You'll get to work in the pilot plant and in the lab.

In the second half of the programme you will have the opportunity to specialise and expand your knowledge of subjects that appeal to you most. You can gain further in-depth knowledge by doing a minor. You can put your specialisation skills into practice by doing an internship, and you will complete the programme by doing a graduation project.

Example programme structure

Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4

Sector analysis

Food products

Food analysis

Food safety & health

Quality management

Business management


Product development

2 Internship

Sensory research

Process technology

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Food ingredients

Food and health

Food safety and quality


Food innovation management

Food safety and health

4 Minor Graduation project