Career opportunities

A lot of opportunities

The Bachelor Food Technology has a long history and an excellent reputation. VHL’s international network has proven to be invaluable to students seeking internships. The benefits continue when you graduate. There is no shortage of opportunities in the food business. With so many food producers, there are plenty of jobs for people whose knowledge of marketing and technology spans the sector's wide range of specialties.

Our graduates qualify for positions as project managers, account managers, product developers, commercial technologists and customer-service directors. You could also work in processing and technology, become a production or quality manager. Our graduates find jobs at multinational food producers, but also at small scale retailers. You can also work at the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. The choice will be vast, as your studies will have prepared you for expertise in all of these areas. Depending on your chosen specialisation, you will be able to work in one of the specialist fields described below.

Food Innovation Management

The food sector is full of job opportunities. The specialisation Food Innovation Management focuses on the cutting edge of technology and commerce. You can specialise in commercial technology, packaging or product development. The key task of the product developer is the development of new foods and the improvement of already existing foods. In managerial positions, you will be combining technology, communication and research. Some of our graduates now work as product managers and innovation managers.

Food Safety and Health

As a food safety and health expert, you can become a food safety manager. This entails monitoring fundamental aspects of food safety in food production, which means you are responsible for creating high quality, safe and healthy products. You are likely to start out as a junior food safety specialist working in the safety, health or quality department of a food company. You will be the ‘spider in the web’ for food organisations, linking technology, communication and research. Whether you prefer multinational companies such as Unilever, Heineken and Heinz or small regional producers from your home country, the possibilities are almost limitless. Wherever you end up working, you will be challenged to develop your social, political and ethical skills to the fullest.