Food Physics

Physical aspect of nourishment

Food Physics does not come up with the latest diet or new food schedules, but focuses on the physical aspect of nourishment: how to make tasty food with healthy ingredients, which also looks good and has a nice bite. These are current, interesting questions that are central within the professorship of Food Physics.

Society calls for healthy, high quality food that also tastes good. In the meantime, the business sector is investing in new ingredients that help to improve health, but also in processes and foodstuffs that contribute to better and especially healthy nutrition. This way, new structures and textures of food are being developed. Not only do the physical-chemical interactions between the ingredients change, but also the type of processing that is used. A lot is possible! However, the complexity also increases, which poses ever higher demands to the knowledge and skills of the people in the work field.

“A mighty wonderful field!” says professor of Food Physics dr. Lizette Oudhuis. Together with the business sector, she translates new trends towards education within the Life Sciences & Technology department in Leeuwarden, preparing students for making a professional contribution to innovative concepts for healthy food for the young and the old.   

About the professor

Lizette Oudhuis did her Ph.D. at the University of Groningen in 1995 on phase behaviour in polymeric mixtures. Afterwards she worked as a (senior) researcher at AVEBE for 10 years. AVEBE is the biggest producer of potato starch and its derivatives in the world.

From 2006 to 2012 she worked at the TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (TNO Quality of Life) as a senior researcher and project leader. During her employment at TNO, she was leading two major projects at the Top Institute Food and Nutrition (TIFN) in Wageningen about slowly digestible starches (Slow Starch) and healthy carbohydrates.

Since June 2012 she is combining two part-time jobs: she is a lecturer of Food Physics at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) in Leeuwarden and a senior scientist / project leader at AVEBE. She focuses on the following areas: (natural) polymers; the development of new ingredients based on natural polymers, especially starch, and the effects of the interaction between ingredients in food and non-food applications on their functionality and the end product.   

Research group

The professorship of Food Physics cooperates intensively with other professorships within VHL and enterprises in the field, for example:

  • Innexus
  • Carbohydrate Competence Centre
  • CoE Healthy Ageing
  • CoE Food
  • WUR
  • Food Circle
  • Professorship of Food, Health & Safety


Professor Dr. Lizette Oudhuis
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