Vivian Proföhr

"Just do what you love!"

Vivian Proföhr, alumna of Equine, Sports and Business, talks about her passion for online marketing and how studying at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) has prepared her for that. At first she wondered where she would end up after her studies, but the prospect of working with horses made her confident that she was going to be successful no matter what.

Passion and projects
"My passion for horses was my main motivation to study Equine, Sports and Business. During this study you get the chance to work on many different projects, allowing you to see how 'real' companies work. A project on analyzing and calculating whether a certain equine stable was profitable, gripped me right from the start."

Around the globe
"During an internship in the US I did the same research for a breeding and training stable. After that I decided to learn more about large, globally acting companies and did a six month internship at the marketing department of a furniture store in Hamburg, Germany. This is where my passion for online marketing was born."

Learning from the 'big guys'
"But I still wanted to learn more from the 'big guys'. So after my graduation I started a voluntary internship at “Otto” in Germany. This brought new insights into specific online marketing channels and dynamic retargeting. After a very dynamic and exciting six months there, it was clear: my major focus was online marketing."

New job
A couple of months ago I started my new job as a junior campaign manager at one of the largest online marketing agencies in Hamburg. I love the dynamic environment, the work with renowned businesses and the young team (more than 70% of the employees under 35). The work is rich in variety – in the morning you have no clue where you will end up at the end of the day. The commitment, team spirit and flat hierarchy are great motivators.

"So how did my study in horses prepare me for this job? During my studies I got the chance to explore many directions and find out where I feel at home and what my talents are. I still follow my strategy of learning from the 'big guys' but I want to return to the horse sector one day to share this knowledge with smaller companies."

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Vivian Proföhr, alumna of Equine, Sports and Business
Vivian Proföhr, alumna of Equine, Sports and Business