Tom Wiegmans

“In this study programme, you get the chance to develop your broader outlook and entrepreneurship.”

Tom Wiegmans graduated in Business Administration and Agribusiness in 2009. His assignment was to map all processes and develop an improvement plan for an international company called Tradin Organic. His client became his employer and Tom has since risen to Category Manager.

Purchasing and sales
“Together with my team, I am responsible for the purchase and sale of organic fruit, vegetables and animal feed. The nice thing about this job is that I am sometimes literally in the field. For example, I just returned from Serbia where I met with a small raspberry grower and put him in touch with a dairy producer to develop an organic dessert.”

Economics and green business
Tom grew up in Westland municipality (southwest of The Hague) and chose to study Business Administration and Agribusiness because he liked the green business and economics combo. He therefore consciously decided against going down the 'ordinary' business study route and ended up at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL). He spent the first two years of his studies mostly enjoying student life, but then fully committed himself to successfully completing his degree programme. His current job is all about economics and agribusiness: “The organic industry fascinates me because it shows respect for nature and contributes to animal welfare.”

Tom looks back fondly on his study years at VHL. “It's a really practice-driven programme, where you have to do a lot yourself. You therefore get the chance to develop your broader outlook and entrepreneurship.” 

embrace its ambitions.
“I definitely still have ambitions. I see myself working in this business for a long time, but after that I would like to transfer my knowledge by working together with different educational institutions. In my opinion, the connection between education and the professional field could be much better.” Tom already gives regular guest lectures for the Business Administration and Agribusiness programme in Velp, so who knows what the future will hold.
To wrap the interview up, he offers a tip for prospective students: “Language skills, especially English, are hugely important during this study. The programme is oriented towards the international market, so you will have to deal with a lot of that in practice.” 

Website:  Tradin Organic


Tom Wiegmans, graduate IBFF in Velp