Marie-Kristin Geest

"International Sustainability Management was a great introduction into the world of sustainability and CSR"

Marie-Kristin is 25 years old and she works as an Operations Coordinator for PVH Europe since 2016. She did the minor International Sustainability Management at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) at the time the course was called IBMS. PVH Europe is the umbrella Corporation that owns Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

"I chose the International Sustainability minor at VHL in order to gain more insight into this important aspect of the business world. I wanted to learn about the scope and the impact of this topic and the International Sustainability minor was a great introduction into the world of sustainability and CSR."

"In general, Tommy Hilfiger currently has three principles and ten commitments, which the entire company works to achieve by 2020. Some of their initiatives are, for example; the Sustainable Cotton Initiative, Water Stewardship Project, to reduce greenhouse emissions, reduce plastic based packaging, as well as repurposing garments. As an example, this season they will launch their first 100% recycled cotton jeans." 

Tommy Cares
"On top of that, Tommy Hilfiger has its own foundation Tommy Cares, which works to help build healthy communities and supports a wide range of nonprofit organizations and voluntary programs. Employees are encouraged to join these initiatives through Tommy Cares on a regular basis. Overall, I love that the company I work for is active and open minded towards innovative transformations in Sustainability – not just writing fancy CSR reports." 

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Bachelor International Business

Marie-Kristin Geest, graduate