‘Our healthy pancake mix is now for sale!’

Jorik now is a graduated Food Technologist; a special one. During his studies Food Technology at VHL he and some fellow students came up with an innovative pancake.

'For a third-year project, our team discovered that it can be challenging to ensure children eat enough vegetables. Many adults are not even consuming the recommended quantities. The idea we started with was to combine vegetables with something everybody likes: pancakes! Pancakes meet veggies – Panggies! Next to developing healthy food, our aim with Panggies is to decrease food waste. Drying vegetables is a sustainable and effective way to use the healthy elements of vegetables throughout the year. 

For sale
By now Panggies has been developed into 3 flavour options and the product is ready for the market. For 1 package of Panggies, up to 430 grams of vegetables are dried and added to the product. You will not be able to find a healthier pancake!  You can buy Panggies on our webshop or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.' 

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Bachelor Food Technology

Jorik, graduate Food Technology
Jorik, graduate Food Technology