Hendrik van Houten

“You are assured of a challenge and a world of opportunities if you focus on sustainable projects’’

“I studied International Business at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) because the programme is slightly different from other International Business courses in the Netherlands,” says Hendrik van Houten. “It is a broad training programme with a focus on sustainable business, and this was in line with my interests.”

“I had seen in my own network in the food & agri sector that there are many opportunities in sustainability, and VHL University of Applied Science has thoroughly explored this field.” Hendrik graduated and founded his own company SUSTABLE, which focuses on accelerating sustainable projects. He previously worked at Ekwadraat and Deloitte for a number of years. "Finding a job or clients is easy now. This is because I focus on sustainability in an international context, and combine this with a down-to-earth Frisian mentality.” 

Sustainability in industry
Hendrik is working on large sustainability projects in industry in the Northern Netherlands, for example. This includes projects geared towards CO2 recovery to make chemical products. Other projects are aimed at creating a hydrogen chain or the sourcing of subsidies and financing. “Due to the international focus of the training, I can now effortlessly switch between Dutch and English in my work, and even to German if necessary.”

Broad focus
Hendriks is also available to SMEs that want to make their business operations more sustainable, cover the roof with solar panels or use residual flows to produce renewable energy for their own use. “I have a broad focus and I engage in smart collaboration with other businesses and entrepreneurs. This enables me to assist a very diverse group of businesses and organisations in becoming more sustainable. This gives me the feeling that I can really make a difference, and this is why I wake up with great joy every day.”

International Business as a springboard
The combination of a background in agriculture and the broad International Business programme has laid a strong foundation. This has enabled Hendrik to focus on a variety of projects. “Your empathy and adaptability are boosted because you work with students and lecturers from very diverse backgrounds during the programme. This wide range opens up new worlds every time, so stepping outside your comfort zone becomes your new comfort zone. I can therefore recommend the programme to anyone who wants to make a difference in terms of sustainability!”

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Hendrik van Houten, an International Business graduate
Hendrik van Houten, an International Business graduate