Charlotte Broich

“At Van Hall Larenstein, you are a student and not just a number!”

In September 2019, Charlotte Broich (19) from Germany started her study programme International Business at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) in Leeuwarden. After three months, she compared her expectations with her experiences. “At VHL everyone is friendly, open-minded and the relationship with teachers is very close. In my opinion, it’s the combination of theory and practice that makes this international business programme so special. The interaction with students from all over the world makes the lessons very interesting and motivating.”

The start

“During the start of the programme, I was very nervous if my English would be good enough, if I would get along with my classmates and in general, how studying in the Netherlands would be. I can say, there wasn’t any reason to be nervous. Moreover, the people in Leeuwarden are very kind. They all speakEnglish if you don’t speak Dutch and they are happy to teach you some first Dutch words.”

Not just a number

“At VHL everyone is friendly, open-minded and the relationship with teachers is very close. Because we have classes with a small group of students, the lessons are always very productive and we lifteach other up. Here at VHL, you are a student and not just a number.

I must say that I did not expect this educational programme to be so practical. Every module we have, whether it is management and organisation or even accounting, every topic is connected to the real world, which makes it very easy to understand and even easier to apply what we learn to real-life issues.”

Looking forward

“After three years I would like to have improved my business English and presenting skills, learned about how to combine profit, planet, and people in a sustainable working environment and specialised myself in a field that really caught my interest during the study programme. I’m not the most comfortable person standing in front of people to present something, but after the first three months I improved this skill a lot! Now I can say that I even enjoy presenting my work in front of the class and teachers. Furthermore, I am already looking forward to new real-life projects and guest lectures by people who are working in different fields of business.”

Intercultural issues and sustainability

“A perfect international business student is someone who loves to meet new people from different parts of the world and is willing to face intercultural issues, because different cultures also have different assumptions, habits, and ways of thinking. You should also be interested in sustainability, because we at International Business are facing conflicts of businesses, the need of getting more sustainable and the search for solutions.”

“If you think that this study programme could be interesting for you, but you are still uncertain and have some questions, do not hesitate to contact me: [email protected]."

Charlotte Broich