Above-Average Student Satisfaction with HVHL Study Programmes


“I can be myself and am learning a lot”

The results of the National Student Survey (NSE) show above-average student satisfaction with HVHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) study programmes. The atmosphere at school in particular is highly appreciated. Students can be themselves. Compared to three years ago, the students of VHL rated the school a lot more positively (was 3.79, now 3.88 on a scale from 1-5). The overall national satisfaction with universities of applied sciences stands at 3.65 this year. In spite of the restrictive coronavirus measures, the students rated information communication and study facilities as good.

Overall satisfaction results over the years
Overall satisfaction results over the years

Top-Rated Study Programmes

Students of the Bachelor’s programme Management of the Living Environment are most satisfied (4.2 overall satisfaction). The study programme scored particularly well in relation to lecturers and connection with professional practice. During the study programme, the students often work on assignments for an actual client, and this is valued highly. The Master’s programmes Agricultural Production Chain Management and Management of Development also scored highly this year (with 4.2 and 4.3 respectively for overall satisfaction). 

Hardworking Students 

The study workload is slightly above-average for most study programmes. Chair of the Executive Board Jan van Iersel: “We have known this about HVHL for a while, most of our study programmes are fairly intensive. This is because we work with intrinsically motivated lecturers and inquisitive students. Many lectures include activities, and students work on large projects, often for an actual client. “‘I am learning a lot’ is something we hear often.”   

What Action Will We Take in Response to the Results? 

Chair of the Executive Board Jan van Iersel: “As an individual university of applied sciences we want to establish improvement measures in consultation with the students. As the results differ for each study programme, we must also consider what can be improved for each programme separately. This is why we will start discussions with both lecturers and students before the summer.”  

Coronavirus Measures Did Not Negatively Impact the Rating   

The individual character of the school may explain the higher results for information communication and the study facilities at the university of applied sciences. Over the past year, much attention was paid to prompt, up-to-date information about the coronavirus measures for students. HVHL chose to administer tests on location instead of digitally. This choice was highly appreciated by the students. All study programmes include courses with practical and outdoor lectures that were continued under the coronavirus measures.  

More about the National Student Survey 

The National Student Survey is an annual large-scale national survey in which over 270,000 higher education students provide their opinion of their study programme. The results are used by different organisations for the national information for choosing a study programme (Studiekeuze123, Keuzegids, and Elsevier) and by institutions for higher education to improve the quality of education. 

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