Van Hall Larenstein is contributing to the presented 'FairDog' plan



"Where can I buy a healthy, socialised dog without issues?" This question is actually quite difficult to answer in practice. In order to be able to give a proper answer to the query, the dog sector, the scientific community and animal welfare organisations are presenting the FairDog plan today. VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) is one of the parties involved in this plan.

The world of dog trading and breeding is complicated, and every form comes with its own risks. This makes the purchase of a dog anything but easy. With, among other things, quality criteria for dog breeding and the import of foreign rehomers, a website with reliable offers for consumers and the stimulation of bona fide offers, FairDog wants to make it easier for dog buyers and thus prevent potential problems.

Bridge to green education

Green education is one of the target groups and stakeholders contributing to the achievement of FairDog's objectives. The research group at VHL can, for instance, use the network of Dierenwelzijnsweb to develop learning materials for green MBO and HBO and to explore possibilities for projects and funding in this arena. In the field of animal welfare, graduate animal managers have to deal with, among other things, professional expertise, information, communication and policy and can thus make a valuable contribution to the national and international embedding of and communication about FairDog.

FairDog participants

Besides VHL, Citaverde College, Dibevo, Dier & Recht, Animal Protection Services, Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Diergeneeskunde (KNMvD), Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland, Stray Animal Foundation Platform, Utrecht University and Vereniging van Beroepsmatige Kennelhouders (VBK) are all collaborating in FairDog.

 Lots of media coverage

An extensive article was published in the Volkskrant today and the news was picked up by various media.

The FairDog report can be downloaded below.