VHL welcomes new batch of master students


VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) welcomes the new batch of international master students as the VHL Master Programme year 2018-2019 opens today.

New international master students
New international master students

More than 40 professional master students from 22 Asian, Latin American and African countries arrived in the Netherlands earlier this week to start either the Management of Development (MOD) programme or the Agricultural Production Chain Management (APCM) programme. Both are one-year programmes.

Each MOD student follows one of these three specialisations: Rural Development and Food Security; Rural Development and Disaster Risks Reduction; and Rural Development and Social Inclusion, Gender and Youth. For APCM, each student follows one of these three specialisations: Livestock Chain, Horticulture Chain and Forest Chain.

Annet van den Broek, dean of Food & Dairy, opens the introduction ceremony at the chapel. Orientation sessions continue this afternoon and in the next days, led by Pleun van Arensbergen, programme coordinator for MOD, and Marco Verschuur, programme coordinator for APCM.