VHL wins contest incoming trade delegations


Thuesday, May 23rd VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) won one out of five awards for the organization of an incoming trade delegation of the Province of Fryslan. There was a total of 17 submissions.

New educational- and business opportunities

The equine sector in China is experiencing an  explosive growth. However, infrastructure in the field of nutrition, care, health and related education is lagging behind. Hence the initiative of VHL and Nordwin College together with the companies VDL-Stud and Henswoude to organize a trade delegation for both educational institutions and companies in the equine sector. All this to determine whether joining our efforts and sharing our Chinese relations can create new educational- and business opportunities.

From Semen to Olympics

Apart from match making, speed dating and visiting stallion stations, a symposium will be organized for the members of the delegation: ‘From Semen to Olympics’ and there will be a visit to the LC2018-event (Leeuwarden, European City of Culture 2018): ‘De Stormruiter’ (named after the novel ‘The Rider on the White Horse’ by Theodor Storm).


Together with 15 companies and organizations, prior to the visit, a research will be conducted into the possibility of providing a coherent offer of advice, purchase, care, health, transport, education and aftercare. By joining efforts and offering a complete set of services, we can distinguish ourselves from other countries. Thus the chances to do business will improve for all parties concerned.


Students will also play a part in the preparation and execution for example by, in cooperation with companies, making informative and educational films, which will become available online via Facebook WeChat.

All of this will hopefully result in an enlarged intake of students in the equine studies offered at VHL and Nordwin College, more tailor made courses and equine research projects together with and for the Chinese partners. And of course more business for Frisian companies.

Mrs. Dina Boonstra, Managing Director of the NDC media group will monitor and support the process as member of the jury.

Want to know more?

Please contact Jannie van der Luit: [email protected]