Close collaboration with India on Masters


VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL), Welingkar University in Mumbai (India) and the Agricultural Development Trust Baramati have all signed a declaration of intent to collaborate closely on their master’s degree programs. This agreement intensifies the successful collaboration with India, building on a six year relationship of exchange student programs in Agribusiness & Business Administration and Animal Husbandry.

Next year (2017 – 2018) both parties will research and pretest the collaboration on the masters extensively, in order to definitively launch the program in September, 2018.

Signing the declaration of intent


On account of the similarities between the two institutions in their research areas, the collaboration will reinforce the master’s programs in the Netherlands as well as in India. ‘Every year many students are interested in our master’s programs, but we don’t have the capacity to admit them all,’ professor Nilesh Nalawade, CEO of the Agricultural Development Trust Baramati explains. ‘Thanks to the collaboration with VHL we can now expand the master’s degree programs to the Netherlands so that more students have the opportunity to start. They can also choose to take a master’s degree at VHL in the Netherlands.’

International ambitions

VHL, Welingkar University and Agricultural Development Trust (ADT) Baramati have strong international ambitions and this collaboration is a big step forward in that direction. ‘We are very proud to take the next step in our internationalization process with our master’s degrees APCM (Agricultural Production Chain Management) and MOD (Management of Development) as well as our bachelor programs,’ says Harry Ankoné, director of the faculty of Delta Areas and Resources at VHL. ‘These past few months the taskforce India has worked very hard on establishing this collaboration, so we are very happy with the signatures of MA Peter van Dongen (Executive Board, VHL), Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe (group director, Welingkar) and Prof. Dr. Nilsh Nalawade (ADT Baramati)!’

Arnhem College Town

Collaborations like these, aiming to expand the international network, also benefit the ambitions of Arnhem (and its surroundings) as a college town.

The city of Arnhem and the institutions VHL, HAN and ArtEZ all work together on the action committee ‘Arnhem College Town’, with the objective to make Arnhem an attractive town for new students, hoping they will stay on after completing their studies to work there or set up a business. This will mainly be achieved by focusing on the high quality and uniqueness of the courses, the excellent facilities for students and by organizing meetings. The international students call for special attention. Specific activities and networks are developed for this group and practical affairs like housing, sports and culture are all taken care of.