Award Ceremony FB Oranjewoud Scholarship


The FB Oranjewoud Fund is a private fund aiming to profile Higher Education in Fryslân through supporting international mobility of top students from and to NHL Stenden and VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL). Fredrick Kamau Karriithi received the fund on behalf of VHL.

On Thursday, the 16th of November the Award Ceremony for the FB Oranjewoud Scholarships took place for incoming students/researchers. A total of 3 students received an FB Oranjewoud Fund for their research programme in the Netherlands. 

The Ceremony was held at landgoed Oranjewoud, a beautiful mansion just outside Heerenveen. Jetze Botma, from the FB-Oranjewoud foundation, awarded the students with these scholarships. During the Award ceremony he asked the students to share their individual ambitions and goals for their stay in the Netherlands.


The scholarships were handed out to:

  • Nameda Belmane
  • Alex Graham
  • Fredrick Kamau Karriithi

Nameda Belmane

Nameda is from Latvia and participating in the research group open innovation at NHL Stenden. The research is called 'Testing the TIPPING wheel innovation approach in Fryslan (Vlieland and Ameland)'. Furthermore, Nameda will organize an open “Oranjewoud” workshop at the Frisian Design Factory (Blokhuispoort) to present, share and discuss her findings on Vlieland and Ameland with a broader Frisian audience, preferably during the EU Cultural Capital Leeuwarden/Fryslan 2018 event.

Alex Graham

Alex is from the Design Factory Melbourne, Australia, and participating in the programme 'Exploring value adding process through product design integration at the front end of new technology development' at NHL Stenden. During the course of the project period Alex will be expected to consult with staff at FDF on proposed content and working methods for a Masters that relates to co-creation frameworks for technology transfer from University to Industry. In collaboration with the Frisian Design Factory, Alex will produce a final report to reflect the findings that will aid both theory and practice of technology transfer.

Fredrick Kamau Karriithi

Fredrick is from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and participating in the project 'Application of spectral mirroring technique with high speed imaging for 3D characterization of Electro hydrodynamic systems' at VHL. Unfortunately Fredrick could not be at the ceremony, but he joined in through Skype. Currently, the VHL/ NHL Stenden Water Technology Research Group has a 4 years’ experience with Kenia. In this period 3 master’s thesis were published and many other oral and poster scientific communication has been produced in different conferences. We wish them all good luck on their research! With these scholarships we hope to support students in following their dreams and gaining a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Arrival of Fredrick at Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden

On 28 November Fredrick has arrived in Leeuwarden. After some introductions he will be starting his work in de EHDA lab in the Water Application Centre at VHL. We wish him a successful research year!

Fredrick Kamau Karriithi
Fredrick Kamau Karriithi