Lecturers and mentors make every effort to motivate and support your child and head off any problems. Lecturers are easily approachable; students can often ask them for advice. And if it turns out within a few months that the degree programme is not the right one after all, it is still possible in many cases to transfer to a comparable programme with little study delay.

If problems still arise

The vast majority of students have an enjoyable and educational student life, but of course, unusual situations can always arise. Does your child have an illness or disability, or problems with dyslexia or is struggling under exceptional circumstances? An expert team of student counsellors can do a lot for him or her. Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences (HVHL) has various facilities for students with a disability/support needs.

Student counsellors

A lot of things can change in your life when you go off to college. Things usually work out fine, but sometimes you can use a little help. For example, if you have difficulties studying (procrastination, study stress), personal problems, problems at home or questions about studying with a disability (handicap or chronic illness). HVHL's student counsellors are happy to lend a listening ear and help you move forward if necessary.

Study mentors

During one of the first weeks of your studies, you will meet with your study mentor (Studieloopbaanbegeleider). The study mentor is your advisor and the first point of contact for you should you encounter study problems. You will discuss your study plan with the study mentor, as well as your study progress and/or important choices during your studies. If you need support or a listening ear about other personal issues, please see one of the student counsellors. 

Confidential counsellor

It could be that you feel you are being treated improperly. This could take the form of undesirable, sexually charged behaviour expressed in words (verbal or written) or actions, or in the form of violence or discrimination. HVHL has a confidential counsellor for undesirable behaviour. The counsellor's job is to hear your complaints and he/she can help you find a solution. He or she will also help you if you want to file a formal complaint. The duties of the confidential counsellor and the handling of complaints by the complaints committee are included in the ‘Regulations on Undesirable Behaviour’, which can be found on the intranet under ‘student regulations’. If you would like to speak to a confidential counsellor, please inquire at the Service Point who you can contact.

Appropriate behaviour within HVHL

HVHL places great emphasis on treating each other with respect and integrity. This includes students among themselves and all contact between students and lecturers. We also consider this critical in our relationship with external parties with whom HVHL students and staff work. We have therefore established an Integrity Code and a Code of Conduct, which define in formal but unambiguous language what we mean and do not mean by acceptable and upstanding behaviour. Because we believe it is important for everyone to know what we can and should expect from each other. 

Accessibility and making an appointment

The student counsellors in Leeuwarden are Tine de Jong, Tjitske Keidel and Gerrit Jeuring.
You can make an interview appointment through the Student Service Point (Reception) or by calling 058 - 284 64 51 or sending an email to [email protected].
For a simple question, you can always call, send an email or stop by during a walk-in consultation hour. Walk-in consultation hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 to 13:00.

Tjitske Keidel
058 2846422
(available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays)
[email protected]

Tine de Jong
058 284 64 08
(available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays)
Room B 1.28
[email protected]

Gerrit Jeuring
058 2846366
(available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays)
[email protected]

Patrick Vandermeiren
058 2846299
[email protected]

The student counsellors in Velp are Jolanda Qualm, Marinke van der Velde and Anne Clasquin. You can find them in room D204.
An appointment should preferably be made through the Service Point. You can do so at the front desk, in room B003 or by phone: 026-3695858. You may also contact one of the student counsellors directly: 

Anne Clasquin
026 369 58 53
[email protected]

Jolanda Qualm
026 369 55 71
[email protected] 

Marinke van der Velde
026 369 56 13
[email protected]

Studying with a disability Download(pdf - 524kB)