HVHL account and digital facilities

Your HVHL account

To be able to participate properly from the very beginning, you will need a VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) account. This account grants you access to all the digital facilities of the university of applied sciences. Consider your class schedule and the digital learning environment. Your HVHL account consists of an e-mail address (firstname.lastname@hvhl.nl) and a password you set yourself. From the start of your programme, VHL will only send you information via this e-mail address.

Complete enrolment first, then VHL account

You will only receive an email to activate your VHL account once your enrolment is complete. Is there anything you still need to submit to guarantee your start at VHL? Please do so as soon as possible, so that we can have enough time to process your information, and ensure you are able to participate in the kick-off day without worries.


This personalised portal is the digital working environment for staff and students. It is the online location for all (professional) information and applications, which you need to conduct your studies carefully, quickly and correctly. You only have to log in with your VHL account once to access applications, the profile page, background information and news. You can further personalise MyHVHL by setting up your home screen yourself. Finally, you can share news and information in (self-composed) groups.


Moodle is VHL's digital learning environment. Each module in your curriculum has a course in Moodle. In this course, you will find various learning activities and all the teaching material of the module. You can easily track your progress within your courses and you can find a clear overview of approaching deadlines, announcements and feedback from lecturers.

Microsoft Teams

Within VHL, we use Microsoft Teams, because some of your lectures and appointments take place online. With Teams, you can (video) call online and collaborate with your fellow students. You will find an instruction below on how to find and use the Teams application.

> Read this instruction about MS Teams

Student Information System (SIS)

VHL uses a Student Information System (SIS). In SIS you can sign up for modules and exams and view your results. It is important to register for modules and exams on time. With your VHL account, you can log in to SIS.

Student card

At the beginning of the academic year, we will create your VHL-Student Card. The card bears your photo and your student number, which is your identification number at VHL. This card is also your entry ticket to all the facilities at VHL, such as taking classes, sitting exams, borrowing books, printing documents and using sports facilities.

Printing at VHL: E-Wallet

We have several multifunctional printers in our buildings on which you can print, copy and scan using your student card. To be able to print or copy, you need credits that you can upload on to your student card as an E-wallet. 

System requirements

With the configuration below, you will be able to use all the currently available HVHL applications.  Please make sure to bring or buy your own laptop, as you will need it a lot.


Modern Intel i5 or an AMD Ryzen 5 processor

Internal memory

8 GB
(16 GB is recommended for GIS and graphic Adobe software)


256 GB (a larger disk is recommended if you want to store a great deal of data such as photos and videos,)

Screen resolution

Minimum 1920 x 1080

Optional connection


No rights can be derived from these recommendations.

With an HDMI connection you can connect your own laptop at school to the projector in a classroom. Online lessons use a (built-in) webcam. Furthermore, a headset in a noisy environment is recommended.

Please note: Not all applications run on a Chromebook or MacBook. It is recommended to use a Windows machine

Information about software

Laptops with an operating system Windows 10 or higher or macOS are accepted by HVHL's WiFi network. Furthermore, the manufacturer's security updates must be installed. Laptops must be equipped with an up-to-date virus scanner.

With an HVHL account it is possible to install MS Office on your own PC for free. As a student at VHL you are assigned an MS Office license and it is possible to install MS Office on five different devices. This can be done via https://portal.office.com. For other software such as GIS or SPSS, you can visit https://www.surfspot.nl. Here you can buy all kinds of software and hardware at a reduced rate. You must log in here with your HVHL account.