Studying at the most Sustainable University of Applied Sciences

Whether you choose a technical study, are into business or are more interested in people's living conditions. Whether your training focuses on the sea or rivers or land and everything that grows and lives on it. Whether you like to dive into the lab or prefer to find out what elements are in the soil. At VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL), one unifying factor links all education and research: sustainability.

The innovative road to the future

What does studying at or collaborating with the most sustainable university of applied sciences in the Netherlands really entail? How do we make a difference in your future and an impact in the world, and, in turn, how do you then leave your mark? Sustainability is the starting point for everything we conceive and do. It's key to our vibrant way of life. It permeates everything we do: educationresearchbusiness operations, and all collaborations and projects. We believe that sustainable thinking and behaviour is the innovative path to a future-proof world.

Become a change agent

VHL trains you to become a change agent. With your degree in your pocket, you will enter the (inter)national labour market or research market as an ambassador in the field of innovative entrepreneurship and development. As a professional, you can explain to everyone why sustainable development is so important and contribute to it in your own way.


VHL is a place where students, lecturers and other experts from the professional field and chains from countless (inter)national arenas combine their expertise and ideas. Ground-breaking knowledge and expertise in sustainable innovation come together at VHL. Given what you learn and the experience you gain, you will set out on your professional journey with a head start, with the objective of delivering this added value on the basis of the most up-to-date sustainability principles. There is much demand for such professionals.

Did you know that?

... VHL has been rated the most sustainable university of applied sciences for the third year in a row with the SustainaBul award.

...our Dutch Forest and Nature Management, Coastal and Marine Management and Environmental Sciences programmes have been awarded four stars with the AISHE quality mark (Auditing Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education). This is unique in the Netherlands: of the five courses with four AISHE stars in the Netherlands, our college has three in house.

... VHL focuses primarily on 8 of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which seek solutions to poverty, inequality, and climate change.

Green Office

The Green Office is run by a club of enthusiastic students who are committed to sustainability within VHL, in both Leeuwarden and Velp. "Verduurzamen is eigenlijk niet zo moeilijk en juist erg leuk” (Sustainability isn't really that hard and it's actually fun), is their motto. Project groups help to raise awareness among students and staff in various ways. For example, by greening the canteen (such as less plastic, more vegan options and recycling), organising the popular clothing exchange event and working towards zero waste. Everything is done in cooperation with the university of applied sciences. “Being involved in The Green Office is a fun and educational way of organising sustainable projects and events with like-minded people”, several students have said. You are more than welcome to join us too. You don't need any experience, just a bit of idealism and motivation!

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