Partnerships with universities

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences (VHL) has a strong network of partner universities. The degree of collaboration varies by partner. Our strongest connections are with the universities with which we have combined our educational programmes.

Baramati College of Agriculture and Allied Sciences (India)

Since 2010, VHL and Baramati have been cooperating intensively in ‘linked study programmes’, which means that students study for 2 years in Baramati in India and then join VHL in their third and fourth years of the Bachelor in Agribusiness and Administration. Most students graduate with an VHL degree and an Indian MPKV degree. We also offer a 3+1 programme, in which students study 1 year at HVHL in a certificate programme. This programme leads to an Indian MPKV diploma.

Today, these programmes include applied research projects and LivingLabs, and both students and staff can work on projects important to Indo-Dutch cooperation. We work together on various topics with Indo-Dutch companies, NGOs and knowledge institutions, such as:

  • Establishing an Indo-Dutch Centre of Excellence in Horticulture in Baramati
  • Providing training to various groups together with Dutch knowledge institutions, train-the-trainer courses
  • Setting up a CoE in Dairy in Baramati
  • Incubator programmes in India and the Netherlands
  • Improving opportunities for rural Indian youth by mentoring startups and business opportunities.

Yunnan Agricultural University (China)

Students from Yunnan Agricultural University can follow a 2+2 programme at VHL. They then study the first 2 years in China and continue their studies with a third and fourth year at VHL.