Quality and counseling

The student is central

Our aim as VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) is to deliver education, research and services of the highest quality. This is why we keep striving for optimalisation of our education, research and operational management. We want to be among the best when it comes to quality. To realise this, the study programmes cooperate with researches conducted by external organisations, such as the accreditations of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO), the National Student Survey and the HBO-monitor, which is the source for Elsevier and the Keuzegids (Study Choice Guide).

Extensive study counselling

Based on the anchor points in our institutional vision, the vision on graduates of VHL and our vision on the learning process, our educational concept offers room to individual students to develop their talents and professional competencies in an inspiring environment. Each study programme of VHL provides student guidance counselling (SGC) to guide students in their personal development.

In the policy annotation 'Studying with a disability', VHL has phrased these goals:

  • Clarity and direction for those involved;
  • Improving the accessibility of education;
  • Improving possibilities of education for students with a disability;
  • Offering more choice and flexibility in study programmes, such as diversity in study routes and better counselling;
  • Lower wastage rates among students with a disability and a better starting point for finding a suitable job.