The power of a network

VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) is explicitly open to complementary, international, national and regional co-operation with other educational and research institutes, companies, non-profit organisations and representative bodies. Networking is in the vision of our university of applied sciences a powerful instrument to achieve goals and to create mutual win-win situations.

The region

In the regions surrounding our locations Leeuwarden and Velp, we strive to maintain good and intensive contacts with schools that provide our students: secondary and lower vocational education (mbo). It is important to create a good flow for mbo students to be able to enter our school. To achieve this, VHL seeks co-operation with green mbo institutes in the region and mbo institutes that offer relevant programmes. We also attach importance to have a good co-operation with other universities of applied sciences in the region, such as kenniscampus Leeuwarden or HAN in the region of Velp.

For small and medium enterprises and the institutes in our region we wish to function as partner in knowledge circulation. We achieve this by forming co-operations focused on for example research (Wetsuswaddenacademie) and by performing contract activities for companies and institutes.


With its extraordinary expertise, VHL has an outreach to the Netherlands and far beyond. We provide several programmes that are unique in the Netherlands (such as Garden and Landscape Architecture and Animal Management) and therefore we receive students from all over the country. We not only maintain contacts with regional green mbo institutes but also those outside our region that provide relevant programmes.

For the same reason, our contacts with the work field reach throughout the country, for example with relevant research institutes, professional associations and companies. VHL explicitly chooses the centre of gravity for co-operation in the relevant sectors.