NVAO accreditation for Van Hall Larenstein degree programmes

All study programmes always have up-to-date accreditation from the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). All programmes are reviewed every six years by a NVAO-approved panel of independent experts. To that end, a visitation panel visits to assess the programme. The latter records its assessment in a visitation report. Each group of programmes is assessed in a different year.
A framework of 11 standards divided into 7 topics applies. Each standard is assigned a qualifier: meets, partially meets or fails to meet. 
More information about the accreditation framework can be found on the NVAO website. Both the decisions and the visitation reports pertaining to our programmes are public and can be accessed through the programme assessment database on the NVAO’s website.

Development discussion reports

In addition to the programme assessment, the panel also speaks with the programme staff about the programme’s development. The outcomes of these development discussions with the panel are recorded by the programme. Educational institutions are required to publish these results. In a subsequent visit, the results of these development discussions will be included in the assessment process.